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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water Baby

Ever since Baby had a first post surgery UTI attack after a swim in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang pool in December last year, I had tried to keep her away from public pools. But Baby's pathetic pleas to daddy to bring her down to the pool each time her 2 sisters go swimming never fails to move daddy. Daddy would normally put Baby on his shoulders when he's inside the pool so that her bottom will be kept dry. But lately this fella is getting braver and wilder and she would act like a fish out of water and yearning to get back into the water. She would struggle and wriggle her way out of the inflatable boat and into the water!

Pictures taken in November 2010.

Baby in action. She managed to climb out from the inflatable boat, clung onto the boat and kept kicking the water with her legs.

She did not even cry when daddy submerge her briefly under the water! It's more than a month now. Thank God she did not get a UTI attack after 2 swims in the pool in our condo. She will definitely be getting more dips in the pool soon :)
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