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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zhong Meng Restaurant, Tapah, Perak

There is this 'tai chau' restaurant in Tapah that serves really good 'sang yue' (ikan haruan), 'wong sin' (eel) and 'theen kai' (toad) dishes. The restaurant has been around for many years. I think the owners get their supply of these fish and toad from the nearby rivers and jungle. My dad loves to bring us to this tai chau restaurant to savour their few signature dishes. Price is very reasonable too.

Here's what we had the other day, on our way back to KL from Ipoh at Zhong Meng Restaurant, Tapah:

Sang yue (ikan haruan) cooked with vermicelli. MSG is 0% and the soup is not salty. The only ingredients that I could taste is sesame seed oil, some pepper and salt. This dish is suitable for kids as it is rather bland yet tasty. The fish is very fresh.

Stir fried sweet potato leaves with fu yue (fermented bean curd)...

Stir fried sang yue (ikan haruan) with spring onion, big onions and ginger. This is really good, very fresh and tasty, iLike~

Stir-fried wong sin (eel)...

We also ta pau the eel dish for my hubs and mil to sample the freshness of the eel.

So if you are making a trip up North, remember to stop by this tai chau restaurant to sample their sang yue, wong sin and theen kai dishes. Oh yea, they have petai dishes too. One thing you have to bear is the restaurant's loo! Can't help it as the restaurant is housed on a pre war shop.
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