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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fart Was All I Wanted To Hear!

When Baby was lying in the hospital after her first surgery in May 2009, she was throwing up profusely for 2 weeks. She went through x-rays everyday, ultrasound scans and even a CT scan of her abdomen but nothing was conclusive. The scans were not clear enough to diagnose the problem. The surgeon suspected that her intestines may have been kinked. He said that if she could let out gas, this would mean that her intestines were not kinked. So everyday, I sat next to her on the bed, waiting to hear the sweet sound of her fart. But nope, she did not let out any sound but only cries. I was depressed and stressed to the max. Though I could not exercise for 3 weeks during our stay in the hospital, my weight did not go up. Stress and a lack of appetite to eat were the best fat burners for me. I never want to go through those days in the hospital again, ever. You can read more about our experience in the hospital in my May 2008 archive on the right of my blog’s side bar.
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