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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gao Ren Guan Restaurant @ Palm Square, Jaya One PJ

On the eve of New Year's Eve, we went to Palm Square @ Jaya One PJ for dinner to celebrate my hubs' birthday. After dinner while walking to Starbucks for coffee, we saw a new restaurant there. The place looked comfy and the dishes on the menu looked unique and tasty. I told hubs that we must try this restaurant the next day. And so it was set. We had lunch at Gao Ren Guan Restaurant the next day, which was New Year's day with my parents.

Here you go, the dishes that we ordered for you to drool on...

Stuffed tofu pok with minced pork and preserved veggie. This is one of their signature dishes.

Stir fried fish fillet with spring onion and sliced ginger. As usual, the fish dish was specially ordered for Baby who is a big fan of fish.

Can't really remember what dish this is. I think it is a chicken dish....

Stuffed bitter gourd with the same stuffing as the tofu pok. This is also one of the restaurant's signature dishes...

Stir fried french beans and fried pork ribs, which was very tasty and tender...

Deep fried nam yue pork slices, which is also very delish...

Stir fried assorted veggie with mushrooms, bean curd sheets, glass noodles and wood ear fungus...

Stir fried glass noodles for my noodles crazed Sherilyn, which is also very delish. And oh yes, we also ordered a Yong Chow fried rice for my 'fan toong' Alycia who loves rice.

Actually I was eyeing the cookies (supposedly made by the restaurant owner) the day earlier and that's one of the reasons why we came to this restaurant.

Dessert - gui ling gao and chilled sea coconut with longan and lemon juice...

After lunch while we were at the counter to pay for the cookies, we saw huge dumplings at the counter. So my foodie hubs ordered one which cost a whopping RM8!

My choice of cookies... almond cookies and green bean almond cookies.

The damage was RM289.65 for 6 adults and 3 kiddos and the 2 jars of cookies.

Rating : I would rate the food 7/10. Would definitely visit this restaurant again. One downside about this classy restaurant is that the loo is miserably small and squeeazy. A pregnant woman or a larger size person will definitely not be able to enter the loo!
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