Health Freak Mommy: Gorged On Peanut Candies


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gorged On Peanut Candies

I bought some very yummy peanut candies during my trip back to Ipoh last month. It’s by far the tastiest, freshest and crunchiest peanut candy I have ever tasted. We got them direct from the factory. A big bag of 500gm peanut candies only cost RM7. I bought a big bag, gave some to my parents and whacked the bag of candies almost all by myself. I may be a health freak but I still fall for certain snacks. Now my stomach would turn at the sight of peanut candies and anything that has peanuts in it LOL! Thankfully zits did not pop out after my sinful indulgence in the peanut candies, else I would really need acne treatment to rid them.
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