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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major Scare

Baby has been very unlucky for the past few days. 2 mornings ago, while my maid was mopping the floor, Baby slipped while running on the wet floor, fell and knocked the back of her head on the floor. She gave me a heart attack and I could feel fear and worry coming out from every pore on my body. I shall blog about this in my health blog.

Today, she tripped while walking and hit her mouth on the floor. There was BLOOD in her mouth! Another major scare. I quickly wrapped some ice cubes in her hanky and applied the ice on the injured part to reduce the pain and swell but this fler sucked and ate the ice cubes instead! Next heart flat line moment was a few minutes later. While sucking on the ice, she suddenly cried out in pain. I was on the phone with a customer. I quickly hung out and threw the handphone on the floor. I thought she had choked on the ice cube. I kept hitting her back and positioned her head to face down, in the hope that the ice cube would shoot out. My mil heard the big commotion and quickly came to my rescue. She turned Baby upside down (well, almost) while I hit her back. Baby cried till her face was crimson and her lips almost greyish. Goh, I tell yer, I really thought she would die! But God has been very kind to Baby and she's A OK. She survived the fall and knock on her head. She survived the choking or was it she bit her tongue? Whatever. I'm glad she's ok. Thank God, amen!

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