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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next To Me

When it comes to getting rascal #2 do her homework or Kumon Math, I can never leave her out of my sight, not even for a minute for this rascal will be up to 101 tricks. She will discreetly put her coloring books or sticker books under her homework book or Kumon book. The second I turn my back on her, this fella will bring her fun book up. Or she would have a pair of scissors and some colored papers next to her, all geared up to cut them into her creations the second I turn my back on her. That's why each time she does her homework, I'll make sure that she is seated next to me and within my radar!! But I must also give Sheriyn lots of credit for her creativity and novelty. She will excel in a field that requires creativity and imagination. She has loads of them.

Her chair next to mine and almost touching my chair. I can never let her seat behind me or nothing gets done!
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