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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Saturday And Damn It, It's NO Plastic Bag Day!!

After dropping Sherilyn off at the ballet school just now, I went to Guardian Pharmacy to grab some toiletries. While I shopped at Guardian, daddy took Alycia to the nearby 100 Yen Shop to get a bowl of Snow Ice. After happily choosing my toiletries, I brought them to the cashier and wanted to pay. The cashier looked at me and said "today no plastic bag ah".... Oh sh*t, I then recalled that effective this year, most of the shopping malls, big pharmacies and some mini marts will also follow the 'no plastic bag' ruling. I didn't want to spend a few ringgit to get a green bag from Guardian. I rummaged through my shoulder bag and thank God, I managed to find a small plastic bag, phew!

Alycia and Baby enjoying strawberry Snow Ice...

All stuffed into one small plastic bag, luckily the bag didn't give way, else I would have to pick up all my stuff from the road!

When I reached home, I quickly put a lightweight and foldable green bag into my bag, just in case I am caught in a similar situation again in future!
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