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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nominated As School Prefect On Probation

Alycia came home from school yesterday and related excitedly to me that she has been selected to be on the prefectorial board of her school.  A total of 12 students from her class of about 40 students were selected.  The selected 'nominees' would have to undergo a 3-month probation period, after which they will be 'officially' installed as full-fledged prefects.  Starting today, she wore the school's neck-tie and would have to wear it not only on a Monday but everyday. She was also given a yellow tag with the word 'trainee prefect' written in Chinese, which was clipped to her pinafore.  One of the criteria that the prefects on probation would have to meet is that they have to be in school by 7am to be on duty. This I am not sure if she could meet as the time in which she reaches school all depends on the transporter. I think she would be able to meet other criteria like exemplary behaviour and satisfactory achievement in academics, though I think there is also room for improvement in her leadership skill. Well, I shall wait patiently and see if she passes the probation or not. Even if she does not, I will not be disappointed as I know she's trying to put in her best effort now.

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