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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cass At Work

Years ago, it was her che ches who used to help me with the sticking of docket plastic bags onto the Pos Laju parcel bags. Now that her che ches are always busy with school homework and tuition, I have trained her to take over this task, which is no easy job, especially for a 4-year old. One needs to have good hand and eye coordination and hand dexterity to handle this job well.  It's not easy becoz if you do not handle the sticky section (which is super sticky and flimsy too, thus making it difficult to hold the piece of sticker bag) of the docket plastic bag with care, the entire bag will be twisted or damaged.  But my baby girl could  carry out her job very well with almost 0% damages done, thus far! Good job Cassandra!

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