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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dedicated Teacher

Rascal #2 received this pretty butterfly wrist band from her English teacher from school (Chinese school) last week. Before the exam, the teacher had promised all the Primary 1 students in Sherilyn's class that she will give them each a present if they can score a mark of 80% and above for their English test paper in the recent mid-term exam. My rascal came home from school and proudly showed me the wrist band. She had scored a 93% for her English test paper. She lost all her marks to sheer carelessness and not because she did not know how to answer those questions. I think she could have done better had she been more careful. Nevertheless, I am pretty contented with this rascal's marks for all her test papers. And I am very amazed that this English teacher had taken the trouble and money to get gifts for her pupils to motivate them to do well. It does not matter that the gift is cheap (well, the butterfly came off from the strap the same day that she had received it and the quality looked cheesy). What matters is that the teacher was willing to spend some money and time to buy those gifts to encourage her students to study hard in order to achieve good marks. Such dedicated teachers are an almost extinction breed these days. Do you not agree with me?

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