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Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Early Morning Near-Miss Heart Attack

Since her babyhood, rascal #2 has been giving me umpteen numbers of heart-beat stopping moments.  From a 8-day constipation episode during her infancy to being hit by a high moving swing, her thumb being squashed by a steel door, a crack on her forehead resulting from a piggy-back ride fall, a walk into a glass door which smashed her front tooth and lips, the list goes.  This morning she gave me another scare. At about 7am, I received a call on my mobile phone. Now any phone call at this hour of the day is NOT good!  My heart skipped a beat when I heard the phone ring. My heart skipped a few more beats when I heard a little girl's voice and it was Sherilyn's!  The incoming call number that appeared on my mobile phone was 012-xxxxxxx.  This is not good I thought.  What was racing on my mind was accident and ransom -- the 2 most dreaded fears by a mother. I know I am a dramatic person but these things can happen to anyone. 

Rascal #2 had left her school's message book behind.  She had called me to check where it was.  She gave it to me last night but in my haste to bring Cass to the ER of the hospital for an ear infection last night, I had forgotten to sign it and did not put it back into her bag.  I thought that my rascal had borrowed her friend's handphone or used the school office phone to call me but she had used the pay phone at the school.  Now I am wondering how on earth does she know how to use the pay phone as I do not remember ever teaching her how to use it.  I will grill her when she is back later!
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