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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Singer In The Making

I thought she has a super 'bad memory' as she cannot seem to remember very well educational facts. Things that she had learned in pre-school a year ago were forgotten when I went through with her recently.  She would always give me a 'blur' look whenever I do revision with her, sending me to the loo to vomit blood!  But know what, she did very well in her recent mid-term exam, with marks that I never expected to see. All 90% and above, even for her Chinese paper.

This 7-YO girl of mine has got superb memory when it comes to memorizing lyrics of songs, verses, poems and Chinese poetry.  Recently she volunteered to participate in an English song singing competition.  Then today in school, again she put up both her hands and was earnestly hoping to be chosen to participate in a Chinese song singing competition.  Just now I saw her reading lyrics of Chinese folk songs from her school song book and she was practicing her vocals for almost an hour.  She could sing pretty well and has very good tone too. I am surprised that she is doing all these when I have never seen Alycia doing this sort of singing, though she is already in Standard 3 now.  Alycia then told me that she hates singing!  What a contrast in personality these 2 sisters have.  One is sporty while the other one is like a 'siew jei', who prefers to be dancing in an air-conditioned room.

What I admire most is Sherilyn's confidence and boldness to go up the stage to sing facing hundreds of pupils and teachers.  I asked her if she felt a teeny weeny bit nervous and had stage fright when she sang in front of so many people and she gave me a resounding NO with a "why should I be embarrassed?" look on her face.   She told me just now that when she sang in the recent English song singing competition, a boy gave her his thumbs down!  I felt so hurt for her.  I asked her if she felt embarrassed  with being jeered at but she gave me the same answer and an unfazed look.  I am loving this girl's cheerful and happy-go-lucky attitude in another perspective.  And I hope that she will continue to have such high level of confidence and positive outlook in life, without neglecting her studies.
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