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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Luck, Destiny and lots of hard work

I have just ditched my existing insurance agent who has a lackadaisical attitude and switched to another insurance agent from another insurance company. This husband and wife team insurance agents are indeed a wonderful team who work together so well making big bucks though neither one of them are university graduates. The hubby left school after Form 5 (or was it Form 3?). They got married after they left school and had their first born when the lady was still a teenager. The couple are now in their mid thirties and have 4 kids, including 2 teenage kids! They are earning a 5-figure income every month with a bunch of charges under them. They sell a whole range of insurance products including error and omission insurance. They can afford several overseas vacations in a year and are leading a life that everyone would dream to have. I call this pure luck and fate. And of course one needs to put in lots of hard work and have a very determined and positive mind-set.
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