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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cass At Work

My 4-year old baby girl loves lending a helping hand to mah mah each time she sees mah mah plucking veggie leaves from the stems.

And if you are wondering what veggie Cass is helping to pluck off here, this is a kind of vege with tiny elongated leaves and has medicinal values. I buy them from a farmer from Seremban who plants them naturally (without the use of pesticides) in a farm.  She comes to our place twice a week to sell her organic produce.  This species of vege is supposedly good for the relief of hand numbness and diabetes.  For the past one year or longer, I have been suffering from hand numbness every morning. The numbness is more profound if the air-cond room that I am sleeping in is cooler than usual or if I sleep on my side. I suffered from a very bad bout of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome immediately after the birth of Alycia.  Till today, I still get this terrible numbness on my hands, especially on my right hand every morning just before I wake up.

So did this vege help to remove the numbness in my hand? Well, not completely.  I still get the numbness on my hands several times in a week.  I think I'll need to chow down a plate full of this vege everyday to be able to see significant results.  But it's impossible as the vege seller does not come to our place daily. Even if she does, we may not have a helping hand to pluck those leaves everyday as it is a darn time-consuming chore.
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