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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Typical Afternoon With Cassandra

On most afternoons when her 2 che ches are not around, Cassandra has mummy all to herself. I will guide her with her homework, practice flash cards or read books from her pre-school with her. When I need to complete some work on the desktop computer urgently, she will be seated next to me at my work desk, where I will have to split myself into three parts -- guiding my baby girl, doing online assignments and attending to my online store. When Alycia and Sherilyn come back from school at 4pm, that's the peak period of my day. That's when I have to metamorphose into a super multi-tasker handling 20 tasks at the same time, I kid you not!

Cassandra snacking on some cherry tomatoes, which are her favourite vegetables while I practice flash cards with her. That's our typical afternoon on a school-going day.

  Cassandra at exactly 4 years old.
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