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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dad's 69th Birthday Dinner @ Kok Thai Restaurat, Tasek, Ipoh

Every year, we would make it a point to travel back to Ipoh to celebrate dad's birthday.  On some years, he would decide to travel to KL and celebrate his birthday with us.  This year, we had his birthday dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant in Ipoh.  We tend to pick this restaurant most of the time for birthday celebrations as it is located near my parents' and the food served is good with a reasonable price tag to it.

Our 4-Seasons dish, which is my all-time favorite restaurant dish. For most birthdays and special occasions celebrated at Kok Thai, my dad would be certain to order the 4 Seasons (Sei Yuet Fun) dish. This dish alone costs over RM200. It comprised of baked crabs with cheese, stir fried fresh scallops with asparagus and macadamia nuts, deep fried prawns coated with almond flakes and braised fish maw with baby abalone and baby siew pak choy.

Succulent deep fried prawns coated with almond flakes, which is one of the dishes in the 4-Season dish

Braised fish maw with fish paste, baby abalone, also one of the dishes in the 4-Season dish

Steamed white pomfret fish...

Pork Knuckle with Sea Cucumber, mushrooms and mustard green @ RM12 per bowl.

Longevity Birthday Noodles (Cheong Sau Mein) with long strands and uncut chives. The chives are deliberately not cut and meant to be long to signify long life.

There was also a very crispy and delish deep fried chicken (Sing Lei Kai) but picture was not taken as yours truly could not wait to grab the best part to devour on. Kok Thai serves very delish Sing Lei Kai too.

'Kwai Lin Koh' with Snow Frog Dessert (RM 6 per bowl)

Mirror Chocolate Cake from RT Pastry House, which we bought from KL.  Everyone loved this cake as it ain't too sweet.

Kok Thai Restaurant (Tasek) 国泰酒楼 (打昔)
37-49 Laluan Tasek Perdana, Medan Tasek Perdana, Ipoh, Perak 30010, Malaysia

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