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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Down And Out

The last time I was down with a bout of flu and cough was when I was still breastfeeding Cass about over a year ago.  During my 3 years of  breastfeeding Cass, I was sick many times. I think that's because I was sucked dry of all the nutrients, thus my body was deprived of nutrients and became more susceptible to sicknesses.  Ever since the maid left 2 weeks ago, I have been sleeping even later, have no time to have a power nap in the afternoon and now even have to wake up 20 minutes earlier each day to prepare the 2 older girls for school. Whenever I am lack of sleep, my body's immune system is compromised and I get bitten by flu bugs easier.  First the hubs got it, then Sherilyn, next Alycia, Cass and now me.  I lost my voice about a week ago. Today, I got the flu and my cough is really bad with thick greenish phlegm too. I was terribly exhausted and sleepy last night but I just could not sleep as my throat was irritating me so badly and I was coughing my lungs out!  If I avoid taking meds like I normally do, I am going to suffer for the next 1 week.  And I cannot afford to fall sick given the current situation with no maid and Alycia will be sitting for her exam next week. Oh God, why does it have to pour so badly when it rains?

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