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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Bye Pomeloesville

Our holiday is almost coming to an end. After 3 enjoyable days in my hometown and indulging in glorious Ipoh food, we are heading back to KL today, with a car loadfull of Ipoh goodies to distribute to friends and for own consumption too. My 'To Eat and To Visit List' has not been fully crossed out yet, no thanks to the horrendous human traffic at almost all the well known eateries in Ipoh. It's a norm for road traffic and human traffic to be formed in major roads and well known eateries in Ipoh during major festive holidays. After all Ipoh is the haven for good food, so long queues and traffic jam are not a surprise during such periods. I am praying that the traffic on the highway will be smooth today, with holiday makers and balik kampung makers planning their journey back home on other days this week. Once back in KL, what await me are the house chores and laundry. And I have not been exercising for 4 days already! In times like this, I wish I still have a live-in maid with us to help out.
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