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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Call Pan Finally!

Most of my blog friends and Facebook friends have a Happy Call Pan (HCP). I have been amazed with what the HCP can cook with minimal oil splatters and wanted to online order one too but kept procrastinating until my mum bought me one when she saw them for sale at a morning market in Ipoh. When she told me about it through Skype, I was doubtful about the authenticity of the HCP. She bought it for me anyway, as a gift (thanks mummy!).  Price of  our HCP is almost the same as the price if ordered online from a website in Singapore.

The first dish that we cooked using the HCP was fried fish. My mil and I both tried our hands with the HCP and  we were both a tad lost on how to use it to fry fish LOL! We both handled the HCP as if it was our new kitchen toy!  Good MIL-DIL bonding too!  I should have gone to You Tube to watch some videos on how to use the HCP first.

That's the outcome of our fried fish.   I am just wondering why the skin wasn't as crispy as it would if pan fried using the conventional  wok or non-stick pan.  Could it be because the lid is covered, thus evaporation is formed and the evaporated water causes the skin not to be crispy?

Summary of Benefits for HappyCall Pan:

  1. No more oily and messy kitchen (It does not spill) 
  2. No more smoke and odour
  3. Cleans easily (No more scrubbing, even better than Tefal) 
  4. Cooks fast. Far Infrared (Yes! Cooking frozen food straight out of freezer!) 
  5. Cook healthier food (Grilled. Less or no oil) 

My review of HCP:
While the HCP helps to keep the kitchen almost free from oil splatters, I find that the pan is too heavy to handle.  My mum got me the biggest size and I find it a tad heavy to turn the pan to the flip-side.  I had to use both my hands to carry the handle to flip the pan to the other side.  Anyway, this is just a minor down side.

What I find really troublesome is washing the pan, especially for those with a small sink in a small kitchen for condo dwellers.  Placing the HCP in the sink to wash is a challenge. As the pan opens up into a V shape, washing it is really tiring for me on our tiny sink.  As it is, the pan is already  very heavy, so turning it back and forth to wash and rinse it zaps my energy! It ain't easy to turn it back and forth to rinse away soap as the opened-up pan is wider than my sink.   The next time I wash the pan, I think I will need to climb onto a stool for better handling of the pan. And oh yes, the rubber strip surrounding the pan needs to be removed for washing too and boy was it greasy and tough to get the oil removed. For someone who absolutely hates to wash dishes (I have very dry skin and dish washing liquid exacerbates the problem), the washing part turns me off in using the pan.

For HCP buffs, do you have a better way of washing and cleaning the HCP?

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