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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Need DHA And Gangliosides too!

As I was reading the Star newspapers in the gym while working out on the Air Walker this morning, I read an interesting ad from Anmum Essential. I read that in order for the brain to function optimally, not only does it need DHA. Our brain needs Gangliosides too. No wonder I have such a terrible memory lately as I have stopped popping on fish oil ever since I stopped breastfeeding Cassandra a year ago. I also find that I cannot think of multiple things at the same time, especially when I am tied down with too many things at the same time. If I do, I tend to have fleeting moments of ‘brief memory lost’! Is this an early symptom of dementia? I hope not. I better fix this problem before I have pre-matured dementia LOL!

I must remember to stock up on some fish oil tabs with high DHA to nourish my aging brain. Or perhaps I should just add a few teaspoons of my daughters’ Anmum Essential into my coffee every morning LOL! Well truth is, I really like the taste of Alycia and Sherilyn’s Anmum Essential milk formula. It tastes very much like the milk powder that I am currently drinking plus it has very high amount of DHA and Gangliosides which gives us the ‘brain power’!

I read that the new Anmum Essential formulation has DHA and Gangliosides levels that are even higher than other brands of GUMP. It has 80% more DHA and 25% more Gangliosides. High amount of DHA alone is not as effective in optimal brain cell function. It is only when Gangliosides is added that the amazing synergy brain cells work optimally, just like how you need Vitamin D to be present with Calcium in order for the body to absorb the calcium more effectively.

If you want to find out more about Anmum Essential, you can hop over to www.anmum.com.my. You will also be able to watch the ad on Anmum Essential in most of the TV and Astro channels. The below video is the TV commercial currently being aired. So make the smart choice with DHA and Gangliosides, specially combined in Anmum Essential. Because, together, great things can happen !

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