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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visit to Sam Poh Tong Caves, Ipoh

I finally made it a point to bring the girls to visit Sam Poh Tong Caves during our recent trip back to Ipoh.  This place sure brought back a flood of sweet memories for me. I remember very vividly that dad would bring the whole family, including my late maternal granny to the temple in Sam Poh Tong to pray and to eat vegetarian food on the first day of CNY. This was the norm during CNY for many years and I remember how packed the place was with people during CNY.  And I remember vividly feeding the tortoises with kangkong (water spinach) at the compound inside the caves every year during CNY when I was younger. Every year too, my brothers and I would drop some coins into a Wishing Well next to the tortoise enclosure and I would make a long list of wishes. Sadly, when we were there, the Wishing Well was filled with trash and it's a shame that the maintenance of the tortoise pond area is in shambles .

Sam Poh Tong, discovered in 1912, is a Chinese Buddhist Temple within a natural limestone hill.

Sam Poh Tong Caves, Ipoh with beloved granny

The Angels watching tortoises. A small pathway inside the cave leads to a tortoise pond where feeding is allowed if you purchase some "Kangkong" vegetables at the entrance. This place brings back sweet memories of my childhood :)
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