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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Are Back From Ipoh!

We're back in KL and here's a picture of part of the goodies from Ipoh!

8 pomeloes, 10 packs of Gunung Rapat Heong Pneah, mooncakes, fruits, 6 bottles of divine homemade  kaya which my parents made (which the girls and I are hooked on), homemade strawberry jam, perishables from the wet market,  etc, etc...

My mil and I spent the whole afternoon and evening unpacking, storing stuff, washing bathrooms and cleaning the house. The girls helped with the laundry - keeping the laundry, hanging out the laundry, folding clothes, keeping clothes and Alycia helped to clean her room. Laundry washing continues tomorrow with a few more loads!
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