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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cakes vs Biscuits

Swiss roll cake vs chocolate chip walnut cookies. Which one is more of the junkie, in your opinion?
To my soon-to-be 11-year old, she tells me that cake is not categorized as junk food but cookies and biscuits are. Apparently, her teacher told the class that cakes can be brought to the children's day party tomorrow but for biscuits... preferably not! What??! Aren't cakes and biscuits almost the same? They are cousins and composed of almost the same ingredients, isn't it? *scratch head*!!

The class has been told to bring such preferred sustaining food as noodles, spaghetti, fried nuggets, fried chicken, sausages and pizzas. But I ain't going to wake up at 4am to cook such food nor drive to the school to deliver the food. You can call me lazy but time is just not on my side... for now.

Last night, my 11-year old asked me to buy a box of swiss roll cake for her children day's party in school to be held tomorrow. When I told her that swiss roll is not suitable as the cream (made from milk) may turn bad, she said never mind, just get her a swiss roll cake as her teacher says cakes are ok! I don't buy that reasoning ok. This morning, I went ahead and bought her a box of 'superior' chocolate chip cookies with walnuts from our favorite bakery. I said 'superior' as they are freshly handmade and do not contain preservatives. But the girl went ballistic when I told her just now that I bought cookies and not cakes! She said she ain't bringing the 'junkie biscuits' to school coz her teacher said "cannot bring biscuits!" WTF!? Amusingly, sweets and candies can be brought to the party and she asked me to get a packet of sweets! Is this a joke or what?! LOL!

Anyway, when the girl saw the nicely packaged cookies that certainly do not look like any off the shelf biscuits, she changed her mind and said she is bringing them to school as well! That is the joke of the day for me, from my 11-year old!

The below pix were taken 3 hours ago at our condo when I picked up Alycia.  It rained cat's and dog's shit, resulting in a mini waterfall  from the roof gutters.
We stopped for a moment at the lobby to enjoy  the strong wind blowing at our faces, sound of torrential rain water (water is SO precious to us these days!) and chilly weather just now  :)  I  imagined a dam full of water now, thus putting an end to the Klang Valley water woes forever! *wishful thinking*

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