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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cassandra's Last Day Of Pre-School

I am definitely going to miss all of Cass' classmates, some of which I have known for 3 years including their parents. Oh yes, the caring teachers there too.  They all know Cass' health issues and have always been very sensitive to her needs. 

All the kids here are such cuties!   All of them but one will be going to a different school as Cass.  But I am pretty sure I will bump into some of the kids here since we all live in the same neighborhood :)

Pictures here were taken on the last day of school by one of Cass' classmates' mother.   She and I have become good friends with each other.  And we stay just opposite of each other.  It was a very memorable day for these 6-year olds as it was the day that they had  to say their good-byes to each other and perhaps never see each other again! *sob sob*

And so with this, the kids here had ended their chapter on pre-school. A brand new chapter begins in the flick of time.  I wish Cass and each of her classmate here a very happy start to their new journey.  May their year ahead be filled with only joy, laughter, excitement to learn new knowledge and may God bless them all always.

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