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Monday, November 10, 2014

Chilli Espresso At Nexus, Bangsar South

The foodie hubs brought us to Nexus @ Bangsar South to hunt for something new and nice for lunch yesterday.  It was our first time at Nexus.

We walked up and down Nexus to see what would excite the man's taste bud.   Finally he settled for Chilli Espresso for some local delights.  He scored again for making the right choice.  We enjoyed the food at Chilli Espresso very much!

Here's the interior of Chilli Espresso, decorated with vibrant paintings by an Australian artist.
A general view shows the interior of Chilli Espresso, decorated with paintings by an Australian artist. – The Malaysian Insider pic, July 12, 2014.

If you happen to be hungry now, I am sure you will end up  with a rumbling tummy craving for some local food by the time you finish reading this post :P
This is our 'The Lot' set.  Hubs is a sucker for Western breakfast set.

Sherilyn is not in the picture as she was at her school trip.

Boneless Percik Ayam.  Everyone loved the grilled chicken covered with fragrant lemon grass  and spicy peanut sauce.  Trimmings on the side are papadam chips and acar mango.  The sauce is not too spicy and even the girls could stomach the spiciness.  It reminds me of the boneless chicken chop that I had recently grilled with the satay sauce from the hubs' catering kitchen.  If you are a reader of my other blogs, you would have read my post on the grilled chicken chop with satay sauce.    This boneless percik ayam set could have tasted even better had the rice been cooked with coconut milk.  The saving grace for this dish came from the rich sauce on the grilled chicken, which exuded intense flavor to the entire dish.  The acar mango was also very refreshing.

Fried kuay teow.

My order of Chicken Jicama Salad, which only costs RM12.50.   Love this oriental salad, that comes with a piquant sauce, which is not too heavy. The combo of ripened sweet mango slices with juicy julienned turnip along with crispy puffed tofu is very refreshing. I am definitely going to order this again if we are here again.

The Chicken Jicama Salad is dressed in a sauce that reminded me of our rojak. The salad is composed of shredded sengkuang (turnip), crispy puffed tofu (tofu pok), ripened mango, cucumber, pea sprouts, cherry tomatoes, celery, red salad leaves and pan-fried chicken.

Margherita pizza for the pizza-crazed girls.   And why are they so obsessed with pizzas lately?  No thanks to  Ninja Turtles!

Anyway, the pizza is good, with thin crust and chewy cheese on top. And it is sans ham, pepperoni and bacon - the items banned in the house by the health freak mommy :D

The last dish that came was the Three-Egg Omelette.

Check out the pulled-cheese from the omelette.  The girls love this kind of omelette and it comes with mushrooms and veggies wrapped inside.   This was very yummy and wholesome.    And ideal for low-carb dieters like the hubs and moi.  Well, in fact everyone in the house except for the kids are on a low-carb diet now.

Chilli Espresso is definitely the place to go to if you want delish local and Western meals (with top notch presentation too) without burning a hole in your pocket.  Definitely a bang for your bucks place for your meals!

Chilli Espresso
Unit G-6, Ground floor
Nexus @ Bangsar South
No. 7 Jalan Kerinchi
Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03-2242 2632.

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