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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Egg & Cheese Burger By Chef Sher

Yesterday, we had brunch of fish ball noodles before noon.  The mil bought it after her marketing at SS2 market.  By 4ish pm, Miss Drama Queen announced her hunger pangs loudly and annoyingly. She kept bugging me to allow her to fry some eggs. She said there was NOTHING to eat at home but eggs!  Yeah, those biscuits in the drawer and yummy kaya swiss roll cakes that grandma bought ain't edible to her ok. Sometimes she would ask me if I care if she died of hunger!   She's this dramatic la.

I said no cooking to the drama queen as we were about to go to Alycia's school to fetch her back from a day trip. And I had just finished mopping the floor and cleaning up the kitchen. But this melodramatic queen promised me everything that she could think of - that she would make it quick, she would wash up and she won't cause a big mess.  How could I say no to her?   I should have said NO!  Coz I ended up mopping the floor and cleaning up the stove!  I always have to clean up after her.  But all the anger soon sizzled away when I took a bite of this egg and cheese burger that she had prepared.  Bliss...

She cracked up some eggs and tossed in a whole load of spices (I think about 10 types of spices and herbs!) that she could see in the kitchen cabinet.  Her sidekick was Cass.  The 2 sisters added the spices into the egg mixture like they were playing masak-masak!  There was also milk and garlic bread seasoning in the eggs. Then she cranked up the stove and lightly fried the eggs. Next, she halved up some oatmeal burger bread and pan-fried them.  Did you know that by lightly pan-frying your bread, you will bring out the full flavor  of the bread?   Plus the bread will be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Lastly, she spooned some Chinese chilli sauce (leftover from the fish ball noodles) onto her burger and walah, she made an amazing egg and cheese burger for everyone! 

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