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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mousse Treat From My Celebrity Chef Wannabe

My drama queen, also the celebrity chef wannabe fixed me something cool on a wet and cool morning today! When you see posts like this one, you'll know that only the drama queen will fix me a meal. I can never expect this to come from the older girl but can expect something like this from the littlest one - but made from her blue tac :D
Chef Sher's healthy black sesame 'mousse' with green tea Oreos and cashew nuts.

Composition of Chef Sher's healthy black sesame 'mousse':
1) Skinny sugar-free yoghurt (we buy Farm Fresh)
2) 1 tablespoon of organic sugar-free black sesame powder (we use Bio Green)
3) Baked cashew nuts (sugar, salt, oil and MSG-free)
4) A few scoops of strawberry flavored Calciyum yoghurt, just to splash a hue of my favorite color to the mousse :)
5)  Mini green-tea oreos (grandma brought back from Japan)

So whatcha think?  Does she deserve a 10/10?  I'd say YES to taste, presentation, initiative and choice of ingredients used!  It was  very yummy and  oh so healthy too!  :)

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