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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Someone Just Killed My Blogs!

Some SOB killed my www.healthfreakmommy.com and www.healthiswealth.healthfreakmommy.com blogs today!

Early this morning, two of my dear loyal blog readers messaged me in Facebook, informing me that my blog has been infected by virus and sent me this message:

FULAT! I quickly hopped over to my two dot com blogs and shiats, I got the same message too.  They are both hosted by Exabytes and both my 'babies' are gone! 

From the moment I discovered the tragic fate of my 2 blogs, I have been feeling queasy and emotional.  As of  today, they are both over 7 years old and in just a matter of hours, both have been taken away from me by some assh*les who tried to inject malicious malware into my blogs to infect others.  They were still alive yesterday night.

I have notified my blog host of the problem but I have not heard from them yet.  Some of my advertisers are trying to review the ads that I have just posted but can't access my blogs.  One of the ads gets me a high payout. If my blogs are still not revived, not only are they dead, I will be dead too! They are a part of my life.

This year has been a pretty tough year for me, health wise and work wise, with stumbling blocks one after another. My two dot com blogs keep getting plagued by various problems since the start of this year.  I certainly need loads of luck from the universe and divine intervention as well to help me counter all the negativity around me. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HEALTH FREAK MOMMY!

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