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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Three Compact Equipment Choices For A Healthier Office

Imagine if you could lower your employee health insurance expenses, reduce office stress levels, cut back on the number of sick days your employees have to take and even draw in potential hires all at the same time. Promoting fitness in the office is the perfect way to help your employees stay healthy and provides a way to work off some stress during the day. It even encourages more restful sleep.

Forget about absorbing the high long-term costs of gym memberships or worrying about how to fit a gym into limited office space. These three commercial fitness equipment options offer an excellent range of workout choices without dominating valuable space or eating into your budget.

1. Weights
Strength training is the foundation of a good workout and an excellent way to combat the stiff, weak muscles that an office environment can cause. Different systems can provide a range of potential exercises to keep muscle groups in shape and can reduce the likelihood of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Either pin or plate loaded weights are ideal, but don't jump into a choice. Asking your employees which they would prefer is a good way to make them feel involved in both the creation of the office gym and in their work environment overall.

2. Treadmills
Cardio is crucial for physical wellness and goes hand-in-hand with strength training. Running is one of the best forms of exercise, and the number of treadmills in Sydney offices speaks to running's popularity. These machines let your employees choose their own pace. For a few minutes on their lunch break, they can take it slow and steady, try out interval training or maximize their calorie burn with inclines. Treadmills take up minimal space, and some models can be folded up and stored if the area has to be multi-purpose.

3. Rowers
Running can be a passion for some but loathed by others. Offer an alternative in the form of a rowing machine. Rowing machines offer the same cardio impact as treadmills in less space and with less impact on the lower body. They're perfect for anyone that finds running unpleasant, suffers from pain in back or knees or wants to tone both their upper and lower body. Rowers are comparable in size and often even smaller than treadmills. If you have the elbow room, offering both lets your employees change up their exercises for fun and a well-rounded routine.

Establishing an on-site health centre is an ideal way to promote a healthy office environment and lower your overall healthcare expenditures. It's less expensive than a gym membership, more convenient for your staff and an attractive perk for prospective employees.

If you're concerned about the costs or space requirements of an in-office health centre, Fitness Equipment King can lay your worries to rest. The variety of commercial fitness equipment options available can be fit into any office's needs. Visit http://fitnessequipmentking.com.au/ to learn more and explore your office gym choices.

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