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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Izumio To The Rescue

With all the heavenly Penang and Ipoh ambrosia that we pigged out on over the past one week, I am so relieved that none of us is down with sore throat nor did we develop any nasty reaction to the rich and heaty food.  We feasted on  crabs and prawns almost daily - big and succulent ones. Those crabs were bursting with roe too, which doubled the lethalness!  I hope my overload on seafood  doesn't spike up my cholesterol level (I have genetic high cholesterol if case you missed out on my earlier posts).   And satay, Ipoh curry noodles, fried lobak, fried spring chicken, sausages and pizzas too. On our way back from Ipoh, hubs made a stop-over at the Sg Buloh R&R and we had Burger King - set meals with piles of deep fried junk fries.  The girls stuffed them into their mouths like they were gold, quickly gobbling them down, lest I stopped them.  The girls ate their fast food like they were some just released inmates who hadn't tasted such scrumptious food for yonks. Forbidden food always tastes so good, don't they? Haha!

I am thankful that I have Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein to help us stay in top form during our holiday.

Below - Cass helping me cart boxes of Izumio and Super Lutein to my waiting customer at our condo lobby during the school holiday.

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Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells

Hydrogen has also a pH balancing effect on the body not turning acid into alkaline at all, but balancing the equilibrium of the body whilst flushing out acidic toxins through sweat and urine. In short, normal water has been helping us do this all our lives but Izumio is much, much stronger.

Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies. It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruit and vegetables that one could never eat in a day. The capsules can be swallowed or chewed and taste like a mixture of fish oil and dark leafy green vegetables.

Our family has been consuming both Izumio and Super Lutein for slighly over a year now. I am so glad that my friend gave some to Cass to try.  Now there is no looking back for me. I am already consuming them for free now and would love to consume them for as long as we can.

My bonus from Naturally Plus..
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Each product is RM435 at retail price.
One product is defined as 1 box of Izumio of 30 packets (200ml each) OR 1 bottle of Super Lutein (100 capsules).

Members can get them at a much cheaper price.  I can  teach you how to get them at an even cheaper price or FREE just by sharing.

Just give me a call at 019-266 4290 or email me at shireenyong@gmail.com to find out more.

No obligation.

Who knows? It could be what you have been looking for all these while.  When my friend gave me a box of Izumio for Cass to try, I didn't really think it could do SO much for her and us :)

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