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Friday, April 1, 2016

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On Stroke

Almost a year ago,  the Mom of my team member's friend  had a stroke. She collapsed and could not walk and could not talk. At that time, my friend was 3 hours away from her Mom but her sister had called her to say Mom had fallen. My friend had literally just collected 3 boxes of Izumio for her own daughter for her gut healing as she had a tendency to break out often. She then rushed to her Mom's side. The ambulance took Mom to the Hospital.

Prior to this, she had instructed her sister to give Mom a packet of Izumio knowing that Izumio could help save a life. You would just not believe this but after that one packet, the Mom became conscious and could talk again. She had no recollection of where she was, who she was, who her family members were and did not recognise anyone.

At the hospital, the Doctor's plan was to open up her brain and fix it. My friend had so much faith in Izumio that she gave a story to the Doctors to hold on with the operation. With stroke and an old lady, anything could go wrong. She told the Doctor to wait for her brothers from abroad to arrive back first before going ahead with the brain surgery.  She can even read her Bible.

Meanwhile, she made friends with the nurses and learnt how they fed her Mom through the feeding tube. And when nobody was watching, she poured Izumio into the feeding tube. 4 packets a day to be exact. The very next day, the droop on her Mom's face had reversed. The 4 packets a day continued in secret.

5 days later, her Mom vomited the blood clot out and she panicked shit. But her Mom was OK thereafter!!!!

She did not end up having any brain surgery.

Today, the Mom's white hair has turned back to black. Prior to her stroke, my friend had already plans to bring Mom for a glaucoma operation but now she no longer needs it as she can see and is no longer at risk.

Now this sounds like a miracle that is just too good to be true. You don't have to believe it. But if there is a life to be saved, go out and do it.  My team member totally trusts her friend and I know that if anyone around me whom I loved had a stroke (God forbid), I would have done a similar thing.
Because I believe in the powerful healing properties of Hydrogen.

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