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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Embarrasing Moment In The Hospital

When we were waiting for Baby C's turn to be carried into the X-ray room, something really embarrasing happened. I was seated next to an Indian lady and suddenly, Baby C let out a real loud fart and moments later, I felt something hot on my hand. I knew she had poo pooed and I just had a guts feeling that she had pooed all over me as her diaper was loosely fastened because of the urine bag and cathether....and true enough, her poop was everywhere on my jeans and top. All I could say was "oh sh*t, oh sh*t!" As I carried her to my hubby who was on the phone with his client, the poop dropped on the floor. Hubby quickly hung up and carried Baby C while I ran to the stroller to get some wet wipes and to find a toilet. As hubby was carrying her, her poop trailed the floor and all the patients (already with a gloomy look hanging on their faces) stared at us, as if we had done something wrong... as we had dirtied the hospital floor with our baby's poop.

Ok, toilet found. We quickly put Baby C on a chair outside the toilet and quickly wiped her with wet wipes. Hubby and I both had poop on our clothes but my clothes were really badly stained with her poop. Fortunately breastfed babies don't have stinky poop and we did not smell of poop. I used heaps of wet wipes to wipe the poop away from my clothes.

Next, Baby C was crying for milk. I found a corner and quickly let her latch on. She was so famished that she was sucking ravenously and oh my, her suckling sounds were really loud in the waiting room that was filled with silence and gloom. All heads and eyes were towards me and I quickly covered myself with my scarf and hubby also tried to shelter me a bit.

Check out my other blog to read how the MCUG procedure went and for the diagnosis.

Baby C's toys and frozen teething ring, which helped to pacifiy her and distract her during the 2 traumatic procedures.

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