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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alycia's English And BM Test Today

When Alycia came back from school today :

Me : Alycia how was your English and BM test today?

Alycia : Good....

Me : Really? Did you know how to answer those questions?

Alycia : Yes....

Me : Really? (I was in disbelief and doubted what she said. What a bad mummy I am not to trust my own daughter eh?)

Alycia : Yes.

Me : Did whatever that I revised with you come out in the test?

Aycia : No. Only got circle and underline the answer and writing.

Me : Oh....

Alycia : But I missed you and love you when I was in school.....

Me : I missed you too.

I am just curious to know how Alycia fared in all her subjects. I didn't want to be seen as if I am so eager that she passes her test with flying colors as that would only put pressure on her..... but I still hope she'd fare well. Nonetheless, even if she didn't fare well or fail the test, I will not chastise her. This will only cause her to have a phobia and hatred towards school and exams.
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