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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby C Hates The High Chair

... and it ain't no cheapskate high chair yer know, it's an expensive Safe n Sound high chair with colorful seat pad, adjustable to 3 levels, a chair that Alycia and Sher once sat on but this fussy baby just hates it. Maybe it's because she feels hot sitting on the plastic seat and she hates being belted up and confined to it. She would whine, struggle, try to wriggle her way out of the belt and arch her back each time she is placed on the high chair.

So I have now put the highchair aside.... colorful plastic seat also removed....

...carried the playpen from the living room up to the dining room, next to the dining table and put baby inside so that I can have my meals with a peace of mind....

but I can't keep this fussy baby in this cage for long, else she would whine and fuss again.
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