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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby C's Crib Lowered

Just want to put on record before I forget.... today daddy lowered Baby C's crib to the middle notch. For the past 1 to 2 weeks, she has been trying to pull herself up by pulling the railings of the crib and the cot bumper. Many times, she was so near to doing forward rolls or somersaults and I am just freaking worried that she may toss herself out from the crib! Baby C reminds me of Alycia and Sher when they were a baby - very, very active, tough and samseng.... and the 3 of them have boundless energy... and don't sleep a lot too!

I even have trouble putting on a diaper for Baby C as she would be tossing and turning and struggling. My hands have to move at lighting speed to fasten the tapes before she arches her back or flips over. I will have sweat all over my body each time I bathe her or put a diaper on her.

Picture taken last week - Baby C crawling on my bed from one end to another. She was eyeing the bed railing and when she reached the bed railing, she kept scratching and licking the netting. Aaargghhh.... this is the stage where I have to be extra cautious and watch her like a hawk, else I will have many heart attack moments when I see tissue papers or pencils or other non-edible stuff in her mouth!

Even barricading the bed with pillows and bolsters is useless now. My samseng knows how to crawl over them.

Find out the results of Baby C's latest urine culture here.
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