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Monday, October 13, 2008

Clean Up, Clean Up...

Alycia and Sherilyn's preschool is closed today because of the school concert and students graduation held last Saturday. They have been driving me up the wall the whole morning with their incessant fights and "I don't friend you" quarrels, whims and fancies. I was scolding Alycia and Sherilyn a moment ago for tearing up the styrofoam handbag that Sher's teacher made for her on Friday. My 2 rascals tore up the styrofoam handbag into pieces and strew the pieces of styrofoam everywhere on the floor of the living room. I told them that when baby crawls on the floor later and sees the styrofoam pieces, she will definitely put them into her mouth. I then asked them to pick up every single piece of styrofoam from the floor.... which they did. As Sher was picking up the mess, she sang this song :

Clean up, clean up, everybody everyone...
Clean up, clean up everybody do their part....

over and over again, until she picked up every piece of styrofoam from the floor, went to the kitchen and threw them into the bin.

This is a song sang by Barney and its friends.... and they have been watching this series everyday for the past 1 week.

When I heard Sher singing this song, the anger inside me doused off.... like fire doused off by water.... and I was chuckling as she sang the 'Clean Up' song away.
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