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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hidden, Found And Thrown

We will be moving to our new home in a couple of weeks. My mil was packing some of our things from the kitchen cabinet last week and dug out some of Alycia and Sher's old toys... sharp and dangerous masak-masak utensils like knives, forks, etc which I had hidden inside the cabinet about 2 years ago! I hid them as they posed a danger coz Alycia and Sher loved putting these toys into their mouths and these were all made in China too. When I saw the packet of toys, I was contemplating whether to give them to Alycia and Sher or to throw them away. I think I made the right decision and they all went into the bin. Knowing my 2 rambunctious samsengs, I know they will surely put them into their mouths, fight with each other with the sharp toys or they may even cut Baby C's hands with the knife or poke each other's eyes!

The masak-masak utensils all in the bin.... without Alycia and Sher's knowledge, hehe...

Also found a stack of folic acid which I popped when I was carrying Baby C. I don't need them anymore. Any takers? You have to come and collect them ok :) Miche, if you need them, I can send them to you.
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