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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Made In China Products

Hubby bought a packet of chinese chestnuts from a supermarket the other day. We all love to eat chinese chestnuts but when I checked the country of origin on the packaging, it read "Product of China". Since the melamine contamination scare, I am very wary of buying food stuff made in China. I told hubby about it but he seemed very blase about it and happily opened the packet of chestnuts and finished it! I ate 1 chestnut too but dared not eat further, though it tasted really good.

Would you dare to buy food stuff made in China or originate from China now? It's really very difficult to avoid China made products coz many food stuff that we eat everyday originate from China, eg. red dates, wolfberries, chinese herbs, foo yee and nam yee (fermented bean curd), Chinese cooking wine, mandarin oranges, lychees, longans, among others. Early this year, I had read from the newspapers that red dates from China were found to contain sulphur and some were found to be bleached with red dye. Even if we don't buy China food stuff, restaurants are still using these food items and if we eat in Chinese restaurants or 'tai chau' (hawkers), we are still consuming these food stuff that originate from China. I was told by a relative that yeast from China (imported by Malaysia) was also found to contain melamine or other toxic stuff. I also read from the newspapers that the Singapore government has also banned Cadbury Eclaire chocolate candies and other well-known brands of milk powder.

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