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Monday, October 27, 2008

My Shitty Morning

I'm about to write a post that's nonsensical. You can skip reading this shitty post if you want. Wait, is there such a word as shitty? LOL!

After my morning run this morning, I drank a glass of milk, rested for a while and cut up a papaya to eat. I ate half the papaya and cut up the other half into cubes and put them into a lunch box for Alycia, Sher and the hubs to eat later. As I was cutting the papaya, I felt like doing my poopie business and it feels like a big time one too LOL! I hurriedly put the cubed papaya into a lunch box and quickly opened the fridge... but in my haste, I dropped the lunch box and the papaya dropped onto the floor. Oh shit, I was cursing away.... my shit's coming out and this shit has to happen. I quickly cleaned up the mess before my 2 older gals came back from their morning walk with mah mah. I then raced upstairs to my bathroom but oh shit, the hubs was also doing his poopie business!! I cursed some more.... I then paced outside to the bathroom outside and without even closing the door, hurried to the throne and relieved myself.... gosh it felt good lol!!
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