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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Sunday

We reached church on time today, which is an achievement for me. This time, I did not shower Alycia and Sher before we left the house and we managed to save 20 minutes. In church, Baby C did her poopie business and there isn't any baby changing room in our church. So I went to a kindy classroom, placed Baby C on a table and cleaned her up. And if you're wondering if I cleaned up the table too after I cleaned up Baby C, yes I did. I am not so inconsiderate :D

After church, we went to Bangsar Village and had lunch at Marco's Italian restaurant. I bumped into my good friend, Yi Yi, my childhood friend of 29 years at the restaurant! Yi Yi is this mummy's sil. We haven't met for quite some time and it was really good to have chanced upon her as we were just telling each other the other day that we should meet up soon.

Whilst hubby ordered the food, I quickly went to Grocers' Village to get some cheese, milk, nuts and fruits. Hubby ordered 3 varieties of spaghetti and 2 varieties of pizzas. I loved the spaghetti with Pesto sauce and pine nuts. Alycia and Sher didn't eat much as their eyes and mind were fixated at the play area.

Baby C in the church. My little samseng loves to rest her feet on the front barrier of the stroller. Coincidentally, Alycia and Sher loved to do this too when they were Baby C's age.

Alycia and Sherilyn playing with Leanne, Yi Yi's daughter who is 1.5 months older than Alycia.
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