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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby C Likes Her Cheh Cheh's Milk

Yesterday after fixing a bottle of milk for Sherilyn, I left it on the floor for her as she was too engrossed playing and didn't drink the milk immediately. Baby C who was playing on the floor saw the bottle, quickly crawled towards the bottle and snatched the bottle. She sucked the teat and ho ho ho.... she discovered milk..... and she liked it. My mum then let her suckled the teat for a few seconds and she was obsessed with it. She likes her cheh cheh's Dutch Lady 456 milk! She bawled big time when I took the bottle away from her. I then took her to my room and gave her my teats instead. Mummy's not weaning you off the teat teat just yet dear..... mummy's milkie is still better than moo moo's milkie!
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