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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby C Understands What I Am Saying

I think Baby C actually understands what I am telling her. Just now, I had left Baby C in her crib and I was in the bathroom having my shower, with the door ajar. When she started to fuss, I tried to distract her and I said this to her :

Cassandra, where is koong koong? Where is Alycia cheh cheh and Sherilyn cheh cheh? Where is granny and kakak? Where? Where are they?

Baby C then stopped fussing and looked at me with her eyes wide opened, as if she understood me. She then turned her head towards the door, put her left arm up and said "aaaaaa"! When I asked her the same question again, she looked at the door again. I was really very amazed that she actually understood me. Aren't babies amazing?
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