Health Freak Mommy: Can't Wait For The School Holidays To End


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Monday, December 8, 2008

Can't Wait For The School Holidays To End

... coz my 2 older gals are bored to death at home.... and they are driving me nuts everyday. I find that they are more well behaved when they have to attend school. Not only is Sherilyn throwing temper tantrums everyday, Alycia too. Whilst I have to deal with 2 toddlers throwing tantrums everyday, I have to attend to a high-need, high-maintenance 8-month old baby who is super clingy to me. I have been telling my mum everyday that I am going to turn cuckoo soon and have to be admitted to Tg. Rambutan LOL! Can't wait to go back to Ipoh or for my mum to come to my rescue. I want to stop yelling the whole day coz it's really bad for me and for the kids. I am really drowning here! Just tell me how you mothers with 3 kids and no maid handle so well.
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