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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Girls' New Found Freedom

Now that Alycia and Sherilyn have their very own bedroom which is not adjoining to ours, they find it really fun to do everything in their room. Some of the things that they love doing are jumping up and down their bed with dirty feet, sleeping and playing on their bed when they have not taken their bath, putting all sorts of rubbish on their bed, locking themselves in the room and getting up to mischief and they even know how to climb up a stool to turn on the air cond or turn on the fan to full blast all the time! My maid now sleeps with the gals. The gals have their own beds and my maid sleeps on the floor. I have asked my maid to turn off the air cond at 1am everyday. My maid told me that last night, Alycia woke up at 1am to turn on the air cond after my maid had turned it off! I must find out if I can set a password to the air cond remote control to prevent my 2 gals from having a blast of their time enjoying the air cond in their room the whole day!
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