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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Am Going Nuts

My brother's dial-up Jaring is driving me nuts. Connection is sooooo darn slow and I am taking ages to connect to a few advertisers' websites and taking forever to upload pix from my camera to my blog.

I was so fuming mad with Sherilyn just now. I had spent almost 40 minutes to upload a few pix into my blog and this brat turned off the switch to my laptop despite me yelling out to her not to. Consequently, I lost those pix that I had uploaded in my blog and a post that I had finished typing but didn't save. This is the second time she did that. The darn battery of my digital camera has now gone flat and I can't upload the pix into my laptop. My darn camera charger is left behind in KL. I now have to use my mum's digital camera to snap pix. But I have many pix in my camera which I want to upload in my blogs and I can't do it now. Oh yeah, I also left my darn handphone charger in KL thinking that I could use my dad's Nokia charger but darn it, his Nokia charger can't fit into my new handphone. Today my dad had to bring my handphone to his office and get his friend's help to charge my handphone. Haiz....

Sherilyn is terribly naughty and disobedient and she has even pissed my parents off with her disobedience. She is a hardcore cili padi.... she is bossy, fierce, vocal, speaks her own mind and not easily swayed by what people tell her, stubborn, bold, daring and is not afraid of anyone. When I reprimand her, she would say "keeeeeep quiiiiiettt" or "don't talk to me, I am drinking my milk" in a pissed off tone. Today when my mum chided her for being naughty, she said "I don't friend you. This is NOT your house, this is my house!" Sometimes she would scold my maid "shhhhhuut UP, don't talk to me". She is really driving everyone nuts. I hope she won't turn into a rebellious teenager and kek sei ngor.
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