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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keeping Baby C Still During Meal Times And Meds Time

The only way I can keep Baby C still (though not 100% still, well, at least she won't squirm about) during meal times and meds time is to put her in front of the TV. And the only TV program that she really likes and can never get bored with is 'Your Baby Can Read', the educational VCD series by Prof Dr Titzer. It must be Aleka, the Prof's daughter whom she loves to see coz whenever she sees Aleka at the start of the show, she will smile. Aleka has a slight resemblance of her Alycia cheh cheh and she thinks Aleka is her cheh cheh. She also loves to see the kids in the show.

This is Baby C's dinner - steamed 'ma yau toong' fish, mashed up and 'wai san' soup with wolfberries, red dates and pork ribs. I have stopped feeding her with cereal as she keeps coughing whenever she eats cereal. I think the milk in the cereal or the ground rice in the cereal must have irritated her throat as she has a slight cough with phlegm.

Right in front of the TV, with me feeding her dinner. About an hour after dinner, we will be seated right in front of the TV again and the daily battle begins..... as it's antibiotics feeding session :(
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