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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 3 Gals

This picture was taken this morning. Baby C wanted to join her cheh chehs reading story books but as expected, the book ended up in her mouth.

Today the gals had good old Ipoh food that koong koong bought from the market. After lunch, we went to Giant shopping as koong koong promised them that he would buy them Kit Kat....again. We wanted to go to Jaya Jusco but the traffic leading to the car park was total madness and we made a detour to Giant. At Giant, Sherilyn was a pro food taster. She took food and drink samples from all the food promoters at the supermarket. Lately, this brat has been a very poor eater when it comes to her proper meals and would take 2-3 hours to finish her lunch or dinner. But at Giant, her appetite suddenly took for the better and she wolfed down :

1) 3 cups of chocolate flavored corn flakes (dunno what that cereal was called but it looked a tad like Koko Crunch)
2) 2 cups of raspberry and strawberry flavored yoghurt drink
3) 2 cups of hot Milo
4) 1 cup of fried meehoon
5) 1 cup of Wong Lo Kat herbal drink
6) 2 cups of Cappucino

My dad, mum and I were laughing at her as she went from stall to stall to get the free samples. She even managed to use her charm to get 2 free gift watches from the woman who was promoting Kellogs corn flakes!
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