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Friday, December 5, 2008

My Precious Baby Turns 5 Years Old Today

Alycia will always be my 'precious baby' - a term used by doctors on hard-to-conceive babies. My precious baby is 5 years old today. From morning through evening, I can't help but reminisce what I went through 5 years ago.... the sheer anxiety and excitement of giving birth to my very first child via a planned c-section.

We had spent the whole afternoon outside - first to Shangri La Hotel for a buffet lunch, then went to collect her Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Later she went for her ballet class without getting a nap. After ballet, we had a very simple and small party at home consisting of pasar malam food (LOL!!) and a cake-cutting ceremony. By 11ish pm, my 3 babies were all super cranky and crying at the same time coz they all did not get enough sleep this afternoon... which drove me nuts. The sound of my kids and baby crying always drives me insane. I was tired myself but I tried so hard to control my anger and not shouting at them. Alycia was so tired and crabby that she did not even allow me to bathe her and she went to bed without a proper bath or hair wash. Her crying and whining woke Baby C up from her sleep 3 times... which drove me nuts again! My 3 monkeys are finally asleep now. Bliss and peace now. Will post pix taken today tomorrow! Nite nite....
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