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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Saturday

I am feeling a tad sluggish today - having a bad backache, feel nauseous and no appetite, whole body feels battered (overworked myself at the gym yesterday), feel darn sleepy and tired. Nope, I'm not what you are thinking of, definitely a BIG NO! Yesterday, I went to the market at Central to get some fruits, veggie, fish and pork. I carried Baby C for almost 2 hours and when I got home, my back felt like it was about to break into 2. On Christmas Day, I had a very bad tummy ache and since then, I have been feeling bloated, have a gassy tummy and have no appetite. It could be due to stress - stress caused by my 3 kids, no joke!

BTW, I just discovered that I can do my marketing for cheap veggie, pork, fruits, etc at this wet market at Plaza Central at Old Klang Road that is in an air conditioned building. This place is clean and not like the wet and smelly wet market that we used to go to. If you want to do your marketing, do check out Central.

Anyway, today I still made it to Jungle Gym at Bangsar Shopping Center to meet up with this mummy and my childhood friend, Yi Yi of almost 3 decades. Yi Yi and this mummy are sils. We had a great time there but I wasn't feeling well, so I left early.

Have been really busy with my kids and with my home lately. Really no time to blog. The only time is when my 3 monkeys are fast asleep at night but then, I would also be drop dead exhausted myself. Can't wait for the school to re-open in another week's time!
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